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Invest in our vision to guide current & future generations into Biblical Manhood.

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So much of what a man's life becomes is wrapped up in his journey toward and through masculinity. So much of who a man is today is shaped by the presence - or absence - and health of the men that were in his life during his formative years. What happens when a young man who hasn't been fortunate enough to have a Godly, male role model reaches adulthood and begins to face the enormous pressures of real-life decisions? Chaos. Sometimes visible on the surface, but always present within. With no one to provide an accurate definition of true masculinity, the young man is left to figure things out for himself, and is quickly swept into society's swift current of misguided masculinity. What men need is a bridge.

For more than 10 years now, Man Up Adventures has been that bridge, stretching high above the murky, confused waters of society's hollow definition of masculinity. Our number one goal is to land men safely on the shores of Authentic Biblical Manhood. But a bridge is only as long and strong as its supports archetectually allow it to be. A bridge is nothing without its supports.

We're willing to do the work. We're passionate about the cause. We see strong, healthy, safe men as the key ingredient to solve many of society's (and the church's) problems. Will you support us so we can build a bridge that's long enough and strong enough to reach the world's men?

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Man Up Adventures
is a non-profit organization
with 501(c)(3) status.

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Project List

Propel our mission forward by helping fund the below project needs.

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Fund The Future

Beyond the immediate focus of the regional and global expansion of our Adventures, the broader vision for Man Up is known as Man Up Lodge, a place that will provide young men a 90 day intensive experience that will Biblically prepare them for manhood, marriage, and fatherhood, while providing the care and environment necessary to equip them with the spiritual and practical tools needed to move into adulthood, career, and ministry with confidence. The first phase of that goal will be acquiring land. Our plan is to launch a capital campaign to raise money for that land in the late fall of 2024.


As we are still simultaneously pursuing the vision of increasing our regional and global Man Up/Heartwork trip locations, we are using this off-season to heavily invest in our Adventure Guides by offering a two day training intensive in St. Louis, MO to further equip and prepare them to lead our growing number of annual trips. In order to scale up toward Man Up Lodge, we have to scale out by adding and training more Adventure Guides. 

The total cost of this endeavor will be $5000. We're inviting to you fund the future of this ministry by contributing toward this cause. 

To donate using credit/debit card or online checking, click the button below.

To donate via Venmo, CashApp, or PayPal, use the QR codes above and put the project name in the memo.

Fund The Future - $2050/$5000


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