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About Us

The Men and Mission behind Man Up Adventures

A Word From Our Founders

Man Up Adventures is an organization that focuses on ministering to men. Our purpose is to guide men into the fulfillment of authentic Biblical manhood. We do this through experiential learning and adventure in a wilderness setting.

Trips — we call them "Adventures" — entail three day, four night excursions into the wild where an emphasis is placed on key Biblical principles that are taught trailside, and reinforced later during fireside small group sessions.

During the trip we use three days of group hiking, team-building techniques, experiential learning (studies show that most men learn best this way), powerful devotions, and times of heartfelt worship to drive home the principles that are being delivered. We cap the Adventure off with a powerful rite of passage campfire ceremony.

Since our initial Adventure in the Spring of 2012, these trips have triggered a tremendous response from those who have participated, confirming what we all already knew: Men are desperate for a chance to be empowered to spiritually lead their families in a society that is hell-bent on tearing down the Biblical family unit and its leader - the man.

We invite you to join us for what many of our Alumni have called the most impactful ministry event they've ever been a part of. 

See you on the mountain.

Nathan & Galen Thompson

Meet Our Team

Image by J Scott Rakozy

Mission & Vision

Our Mission is simple, yet profound. We guide men into the fulfillment of Authentic Biblical Manhood.

Our Vision: Experienced, passionate, and principle-centered leadership, committed to equip and empower today's man to successfully navigate manhood - Conquer fear, foster faith, develop confidence, and build character - through experiential learning in an adventurous, rugged, wilderness environment.

Our Values

Trust – Assuring an environment of accountability and responsibility through visionary leadership, biblical principles, and excellence.

Strength – Being strong in faith, mind and body; Conquering, enduring, and standing courageous.

Integrity – Doing what is right at all times.

Honor – Upholding a good reputation through noble actions, honesty, and fairness.

Respect – Esteeming the excellence in self and others.

Love – Showing compassion, kindness, and forgiveness towards others.

Loyalty – Always being true to faith, family, and community.

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